Business Ethic and Corporate Governance



The current complex, continually changing, ever challenging domestic, international, transnational, and global economic, ecological, political, cultural, and social environments require exceptional organizational leadership. This programme helps shape individuals with the integrity and capacity to build world-class organizations. Today's leaders are confronted with challenges and opportunities that have never been more complex, and these programme is dedicated to helping them understand and manage those understand today's global economy; a company's long-term success is determined by the ability of its senior executives to lead effectively through periods of economic uncertainty. Designed to help business leaders achieve their corporate agenda, this program prepares you to navigate adversity, foster a culture of leadership, build productive teams, and drive sustained growth.

Target Group

This program is designed for senior executives and executive team members with significant management responsibilities at large established companies. It is particularly appropriate for chief operating officers, chief accounting officers, chief financial officers, senior vice presidents, senior human resource professionals, and divisional leaders.

At the end of the course, you are expected to be able to:
  • An approach to improving the way your senior management team functions
  • A better understanding of how to leverage your skills and competencies across the enterprise
  • The ability to maximize your organization's major asset: its people
  • Strategies for applying ethical principles to solve your toughest challenges

The programme will be conducted in two days (4 sessions @ 16 hours)

9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Module 1:  Extraordinary Leadership

  • Part 1: Leadership Style and Impact
  • Part 2: Leading Change

Module 2: Ethics and Governance
  • Part 3: Ethic
  • Part 4: Governance

Workshop Review, Q&A

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